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Buzzlounge is a Proud Partner of District Booking


I’m so excited to announce that Buzzlounge is an official industry partner of District Booking! District Booking is a fantastic booking agency and networking service run by musicians for musicians, providing customized support for each artist.

From their website:

District Booking & Productions is run by D.C. based musician and booking agent, Cathy DiToro, and photographer and booking agent, Jake Charow. Their passion for live music, booking, and artist promotion led to their creative partnership and the development of District Booking. Partnering with local venues, Cathy & Jake provide personal service to each artist they add to the District Booking roster. They are passionate about discovering new artists, nurturing their creativity and helping them to achieve sustainable success. They act as a musician’s advocate, partnering with venues to ensure success for both parties. Working with diverse artists across genres, District Booking strives to provide a one-stop shop for live and private music bookings.

For more information about District Booking, visit



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