We do it all at Buzzlounge. And we do it well. Check out our list of services:


Buzzlounge is not your run of the mill recording studio. Its a studio with heart, guts and not to mention, tons of great gear. Producer Eric Taft has plenty of experience working with a variety of different artists, and is never afraid to chase after exactly what your record needs. Each project is given remarkable individualized attention, ensuring that everything that comes out is the absolute strongest and best it can be. Buzzlounge features a fully stocked mic locker, a great collection of house instruments, and an incredible sounding drum room. Recording packages feature custom pricing options, based on your budget. Contact us today! 


Whether or not you make your record here, you can have your tracks mixed by Eric Taft in the control room at Buzzlounge. In most cases when recording at Buzzlounge, mixing costs are factored in to your specific project rate. If you are interested in having your music mixed by Eric at Buzzlounge, contact us today!


Do you have a home studio that meets just about all of your needs, but you long for the punch and warmth of live drums recorded in a great room? We got you. Buzzlounge has an incredible collection of drum kits, cymbals and snare drums, as well as mics and outboard gear to deliver the goods. Book out a day, and have your drummer cut his parts in our amazing drum room. No drummer, or not close by? No problem! Send us your tracks and tell us a bit about what you’re looking for in a drum take, and one of our session players will cut the drum parts! Drum tracks are sent as wet or dry multitracks, ready to be mixed into your session. For more information, visit our remote drum recording page, or contact us directly!


Interested in getting into recording? Do you need a small at-home studio for writing demos? Maybe your band wants to start recording rehearsals, or you just need a setup to record vocals. Whatever your needs are, Buzzlounge can help. Eric Taft will help identify exactly what equipment would best suit your specific needs. He is also available for at-home consultations, studio set-ups, and tutoring sessions. To discuss a custom consult or schedule a tutoring session, contact us today!


Buzzlounge offers full HD video services accompanying live multitrack recording. Our large live room provides great isolation, allowing your band to record live, with fully custom individual headphone mixes. To discuss specifics of a video session, send us a contact form!