I have recorded a dozen or so times in my career and recording with Eric Taft at Buzzlounge was by far the best recording experience to date. Not only was the end product amazing, we were productive, creative, efficient, and had fun! Eric makes you feel relaxed and encourages the best performance from each member of the band. Buzzlounge is the way to go!

~ Joe Bird, The Skipjack

Recording as a band can be tricky business, except when Eric Taft is your engineer. We came to Buzzlounge expecting only to make a recording, but what we got was so much more. We really just had a great time, and then all of a sudden we were done. Eric’s recording process is relaxed and streamlined and can only be matched in quality by his mixes, which are truly unique, and we hope to record with him again many times in the future.

~ Michael Winch, New Time Orchestra

As a one-man band, I was very concerned of who would produce my first full length, and after weighing my options I decided to try Buzzlounge Recording Studio (Eric’s studio). I packed my bags, bought my ticket, and went on my journey to the U.S to begin recording my first high quality debut album.

We dismantled the songs and started working on them. He had incredible ideas, but he always respected my point of view of the songs. We recorded the album in 10 days. A week later when I started receiving the mixed songs, the quality of them blew my mind. The mixing he had done was beyond any of my wildest expectations. I showed them to my friends who have recorded with big producers and in actual million-dollar recording studios and they couldn’t believe how great it sounded.

Eric is talented with producing, engineering, mixing, and is also a multi-talented instrumentalist. I would (and am) consider him 100% for my next project.

~ Ramon Vallarino, Loving Sasha

When working with a new producer/engineer for the first time, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than getting back the initial mixes of the songs. You and your band spend days and days getting the tracks exactly right and it’s up to one person (who isn’t in your band) to make sense of it all. Thank God for Eric. He really knows how to capture the essence of what you/your band is going for (both in an overall sense, as well as a song-to-song basis). It’s like he understood our vision without having to be told what it was. What a relief to have a guy like him on your shortlist.

One of the best things about Eric is his ability to be a professional while also being a fun guy with a sense of humor. Tracking can be frustrating sometimes. You’re doing things over and over again. Being able to joke with Eric between takes really helped keep the mood light and enjoyable. That’s important when you’re spending days and days doing this stuff.

~Paul O’Sullivan, Woodbine Hotline

Working with Eric Taft is a privilege and a pleasure. Eric worked with my band, Pretty Little Kennedy Curse, to fully achieve the sound we were looking for. He provided extensive and comprehensive preproduction work and then worked with each member of the band to concisely and efficiently accomplish our end goal. We have received no small number of compliments on the professional sound with many of our fans being outright surprised at how good our album sounds.

~David Heilker, Pretty Little Kennedy Curse